When listing or closing on an empty or bank own home there  is small list of observations and preparations the agent should due before inspectors and appraiser check out the home.

1. Water System

Before asking the water company to turn on the water, turnoff all water taps in and around the home. Especially, keep in mind the washer, dishwasher and ice maker line. In most homes the ice maker line valve and dishwasher valve is under the kitchen sink or on top of the water heater.

The washer valves will be found in the UTILITY ROOM OR CLOSET,remember (LEFT) to OPEN (RIGHT) to tighten. If your not sure you have them all closed, turn the main shut off valve in a (T or L) 90 degree angle. You will find the MAIN SHUTOFF valve usually 18 "above the ground along  the left or right exterior wall. If it is a manufactured home or condominium, ask the manager or maintenance.

2. Electrical/ AC System

Before having the power turned on, switch off the oven, range, water heater, A/C and/or heater in the home.

If there is a pool and or spa it would be a good idea to throw the lever off or down on timer if the pool and spa is not full or the units are in a questionable state.

3.The Home

It would be a good idea to open most or all of the doors to air out the place and familiarize yourself with the structure. Before pushing the overhead door button, you may want to check the rail locks on one or both sides of the door. If there is anything hanging down from the garage ceiling make sure it is not in the way of the overhead door.

It may be a good idea to turn on the hot water valve in the tub to rinse out the water heater if the home has been sitting for more then a COUPLE of weeks.

4. Need Help?

If it's a condo ask management or maintenance to show you around. It's been more then a few times the agent didn't realize there was an additional closet under the exterior stairwell or around the carport.

Manufactured homes may have extra sheds or a "ROOF OVER" which have been added on and may not show up on the MLS. Ask the one who gives you the key for the first time if the park or owners are are going through any land arbitration or any upgrades will be insisted soon by order of the park or have they just been made and have not yet have been attached to the information sheet.

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5. Commercial Property.

Same goes with showing and office building in making sure everything is turned off before the lights and water are turned on. That includes: toilets, A/C, heaters, walk-in coolers, any refrigeration, ovens, broilers, prep tables, mixers, salamanders and/or warmers.

Bulleyes Home Inspection has 20 years of commercial construction experience along with 10 years restaurant inspections, including an evaluation list of the condition of all cooking and refrigeration equipment being sold .