A Wind Mitigation Inspection informs the insurance company of how well your home will stand up to a tropical storm or hurricane.

A gable roof with clips and straps is far more likely to stay on than one without.

Tempered, high-impact windows that stand up to 130 mph winds, which meet 1993 Dade County Codes after Hurricane Andrew may reduce your premiums.

Metal shutters may save you premiums over screwed on plywood.

Glued or screwed  tile roofs (vs loose tiles), will score you a discount. Loose tiles have the potential to turn into thousands of 100mph - 10lb projectiles slamming into other structures.

Reinforced garage doors will save you money. Many garage roofs have blown off in the past because the garage door getting blown in allowing a  4,6 to 800 sq.ft. pocket of compressed air that can easily lift the roof .

Metal Exterior front and service doors will provide wind resistance and stand up to general wet weather. They also provide personnel safety.

Trees may not be a direct mitigation issue but after working as an insurance adjuster during the 2004 outbreak, half the homes I have seen in the panhandle had major damage directly from falling trees.

Below you will find standard copies of the inspection to give you a guideline for what you can save now or potential savings with hurricane upgrades.

There is also wind mitigation savings in multi-story condominium buildings. Inspection report sheets are available . See if you can save money.

Sample Wind Mitigation Inspection (pdf)

FHA Mortgages and Home Inspection Requirements (link)